Day 22 (Sun. 8/18/13): Post-Kumano

I woke up several times in the morning because I was cold, and it was only around 11 that I woke up completely because everyone else was, whispering amongst themselves. I heard someone mention my grinding teeth. So sorry, folks, I wish I knew how to control it.

People pretty much trickled out, catching their trains to their respective towns. A large group of us went to the famed Mos Burger. They had a drive-thru, which surprised me a little, though I don’t know why. I tried their regular burger, and honestly it was meh. Not bad, but not great.

Before we caught the train home, we stopped inside an omiyage shop. I got a mug to send home, and a cell phone charm to send along with the other gifts for Nathalie’s birthday, and after spotting a pack of Kumano post cards, I decided to get that too so that I could write everyone back home.

After we said good-bye to everyone, Kirsten and I were on the train back to Ouchiyama. It had been such a fun trip, and everyone had been so cool.

Day 20 (Fri. 8/16/13)

This time, Maika-san, Inaba-san, and Nishimura-san were gone. I guess everyone’s celebrating their Obon holiday on their own days. It was a day like any other, email, then move on to cutting stickers. Ohnishi-san wanted a copy of my passport, and I couldn’t help but both smirk and grimace while he was copying it, remembering the conversation Kirsten and I had about our passport photos during the drive to the festival yesterday.

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Day 19 (Thurs. 8/15/13): Obon Festival

I received an email from Vika about the insurance issue, and she too was at a loss as to the meaning of the huge sum of money being demanded all of a sudden. Right when I was trying to look up on the internet what it could possibly be, I received another email from her saying that she was fine with it, that there was some oversight on her part somewhere. I didn’t quite understand, but if she was OK with my giving the money to Ohnishi-san, then that’s what I’ll do. Continue reading

Day 18 (Wed. 8/14/13): Some Love From Home

Back to the good ol’ BoE today! As soon as I came in, Maika-san came up to me and handed me a package. It was the one that Mom had mentioned she had sent. I was quite surprised that it was here though. The address on the box was very much my apartment’s. It had come yesterday while I was gone, but Kirsten had told me that any packages that you were not around to pick up would be held in the post office. So why was it here?

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Day 17 (Tues. 8/13/13): Mie Orientation, Round 2

I woke up early again, and though I felt much better about traveling by myself, I was concerned about being tired for driving. Once I got started, I noticed that I was a bit low on gas. I missed the damn gas station AGAIN, but I figured that I’d go to my trusty Eneos. Except that it wasn’t open yet. I didn’t know what other gas stations laid beyond. I kept missing them, mostly because I didn’t know the logos for the gas stations here, and once I spotted the pumps, it would be too late. Meanwhile the needle is getting closer and closer to that E. Just when I was getting really worried, I finally caught a Cosmo. This one turned out to be full-service too. As the man was helping me, he commented that it was already getting hot this early in the morning.

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Day 14-15 (Sat. 8/10/13 – Sun. 8/11/13): A Leisure Grocery Shopping Weekend

This weekend I had all to myself to do whatever I wanted. Yesterday I went to Kii-Nagashima by myself, and man, those winding roads are scary to drive! I had a line of people behind me, but screw them, I don’t wanna die! The way back up the mountain was just as scary, because of my little car sounding like it was struggling so hard to climb it, and I couldn’t help but cheer it on.

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Day 13 (Fri. 8/9/13): Getting Internet

I meant to cut up and organize my stickers today but I forgot my scissors sadly. Guess I’ll leave that to next week. In the meantime, I tried to look up the black screen of death problem that I’ve been noticing on my laptop. Every so often when I leave my laptop alone, the screen will go black like it’s sleeping or in screensaver. Usually all you’d have to do is move the cursor or tap the button and the screen will come back on, but sometimes it won’t; it’ll flicker between a lighter or darker black screen instead. I hope my laptop is not gonna give up on me. It’s my only tie to civilization. Continue reading